Art that Doesn’t Break the Bank


There is no right or wrong when it comes to art. You can’t make a mistake if you stick with pieces you really love. Most people don’t have a large budget for art when they are decorating their spaces. The majority of the budget ends up going to big ticket items, such as couches and beds. However, if you want your space to feel complete, I have some recommendations on art that won’t break the bank!

Shop estate sales
Garage and estate sales are your best friends! Almost anything you find at a garage sale can be turned into art, such as vintage postcards or sheet music to your favorite song.

Tip: Search for similar items that relate to each other by color or theme, it will unify your art into a collection. The number one way to make anything feel like art is through the use of picture frames. It immediately elevates whatever you are putting in them.

Make your own.
If you are looking for huge savings on art, I highly recommend creating your own. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your experiences and memories with your family and friends.

Tip: Take favorite movie ticket stubs or playbills, mount them on fabric, patterned gift-wrap or decorative paper and frame them in a set of three or four. You can use frames of various sizes and thicknesses. I like to keep all my “art” in black frames so there is a cohesion.

Tip: Another option is to create your own painting. If you have white walls, it could be as simple as using painter’s tape to mark out a design on a canvas and painting blocks of color over the tape. Peel the tape and you magically have a custom painting!

Frame anything.
Let your imagination run wild! Almost anything is frame-able. Have you seen Brit + Co’s recent Instagram post? They took picture frames with no glass in them, and framed trolls!

Tip: Instead of using frames, repurpose scrap pieces of metal, such as chicken wire, or other items from around the house, such as a serving tray.

Tip: Don’t have anything to put in picture frames? Collect picture frames of various sizes and thicknesses, spray paint them the same color (or you could do different colors) and layer them to create a three-dimensional art piece on your wall.

Hang unexpected pieces.

Break the stereotype of what art is and hang items nobody would ever think to put on their walls! For example, I live in a small space and have a large collection of scarves. So I hung all of them on my large hallway wall in a staggered pattern from floor to ceiling. This way I had a place for my scarves, I could see them easier and it provided some interest and color in a boring hallway. The best part is I didn’t have to spend any money to create it!

  • Fasten a cluster of decorative plates
  • Press and frame flowers
  • Show license plates
  • Display musical instruments
  • Print Instagram photos or use Polaroids laid out in a giant frame
  • Plant and hang succulents to bring the outdoors in
  • Secure window shutters to add texture to your walls
  • Nail up a colorful, vibrant rug to give a boring wall a pop of color.
  • Suspend an old window and mount pictures in the center of the glass.

Nobody will have art quite like yours and it won’t drain your bank account! What are your art ideas for saving money? Share photos of your pieces of art with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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