Three Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day gift

Moms are the best. Well beyond my childhood, I still have the fondest, most vivid memories of growing up with my mom. Her cheering for me during games, giving me practical advice to silly “life-ending” problems, the tears I shed when she dropped me off at college, and the joy I felt when she moved across the country to be closer to me and my family. Every year when Mother’s Day comes, I’m excited to show my gratitude and overwhelmed by the choices and lack of right choices to adequately express how thankful I am for having such a great mom.

This year, I asked the girls in the office for their ideas and advice. Here are three ideas I love for every mom and within everyone’s budget.

The gift of you
Plan a mom-date. Go for a walk, offer to help your mom with a home task, or hang out, have coffee and read the newspaper.

If you happen to still have other siblings at home, offer to give your mom a kid-free day.

The gift of your creativity
One year I found an inexpensive box and painted it, giving my mom a pretty place to stash her treasures. Moms do like to save little things.

Forego a traditional card and flowers for a poem or thoughtful letter. If you’re into origami or tissue paper flowers, a paper flower is the perfect accompaniment to a poem and has staying power.

The gift you know they need and will so appreciate
Some years, you just know mom needs a mani or a pedi. Or, maybe she’s on the hunt for a new scent – hello gift certificate!

For stressed out moms, candles and bath salts were the top picks.

And for healthy mammas, this bangle fit bit is adorable. A yoga mat or cute workout tank were favorites too.

I also love to give a great book like this one, these love letters and this standing favorite.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to our beautiful, smart and strong moms.

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