$50 and under: Brighten up a room

brighten a room

Living in a “daylight” basement, I am always on the prowl for inexpensive ways to brighten up a room. My background in interior design has helped me find some easy, low-cost tips and tricks to add a little freshness and light to my space.

Add a little sparkle!
Adding reflective pieces throughout your space, will help bounce the light to all corners of a room and gives the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. To make any room sparkle, try leaning a mirror against the wall, using a glass top coffee table instead of a solid, dark piece or hanging crystal photo frames.

Framed Leaner Floor Mirror from Target – $49.99
Yaheetech Round Glass End Table from Amazon – $46.99

Roll Out the Paint!
This is a tried and true method to lighten up a room. Incorporating white or other neutral light colors freshens up a room by getting rid of the heaviness a dark color can add to a space. Even if your walls are already light, painting over them again with a light color gets rid of dings and marks on the walls leaving your space feeling revitalized and refreshed. If you don’t have white walls, you can still use this trick by painting moldings and door frames white, using white shelves or book cases, displaying white decorative accessories or painting the ceiling.

Behr Premium Plus – 1 gal. Ultra Pure White Semi-Gloss Zero VOC Interior Paint from Home Depot – $26.97

Let the Light Shine In!
Use sheer window treatments instead of dark, heavy drapes. You’ll get the privacy you need while still letting in as much light as possible. Also, for brighter light from my lamps, I replace all of my dark lampshades with lighter or brighter colors. For even more light, you can switch your lightbulbs to a higher lumen (the measured brightness of a lightbulb). Try this Bright White Energy Star LED light bulb for a sunnier atmosphere.

White Linen Drum Shade from Amazon – $19.99
Utopia Bedding 2 Panel Sheer Voile Curtains from Amazon – $11.99

Stop the Chaos!
A cluttered and cramped room never feels as airy as a clean space. Get rid of art and tchotchkes that you don’t love and minimize the clutter on all surfaces, including your walls. For maximum impact construct simple groupings, which stay within a certain color scheme and vary in height, textures and finishes. Create order with the items you keep and it will make your space feel bigger, lighter and most importantly brighter!

Lighten Those Floors
If you can’t afford to replace or refinish your dark floors or carpet, you can brighten them up with a light-colored area rug. Keep the pattern of the rug simple and it is sure to add extra brightness to your space!

Diagona Designs Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Area Rug from Amazon – $51.99

What are your tips and tricks for brightening up a space? Share photos of your space on Facebook or Instagram!

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