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My friend, Erin Wade is a wellness chef and recently launched a new food concept called Modcakes at her Modern General Café in Santa Fe. Modcakes are her healthy and modern twist on everyone’s favorite childhood breakfast, pancakes, of course!

Like all kids, mine love pancakes and with her menu as inspiration, I’ve started adding more nutrition to my mix, like acai, chia and hemp seeds, chopped spinach and kale, and pureed pumpkin or sweet potato. I am loving the extra nutrients my boys are getting, and they are loving their pancakes as much as ever.

The secret is not overdoing it—just picking one or two healthy additions so that the pancakes still taste indulgent too.

Since my boys like to eat as soon as they wake up—when I’m still half asleep—I often use a whole grain pancake mix like this organic Bob’s Red Mill mix.  For oil I use coconut oil, and for milk, creamy coconut milk. Then if I’m adding pumpkin, for example, I just substitute it for half of the milk, roughly.  The cakes will be thick, so do take a bit longer to cook. Flattening them down after the first flip helps.

For acai, chia and hemp seeds, I add the seeds to the dry mix before the wet ingredients.

Erin is working on a cookbook and I hope she includes the recipe for this acai teffcake pictured below or her coconut cakes. Until then, I’m having fun experimenting with my own simple ‘Modcake’ recipes.

Photo credit: Jen Judge for Modern General Café

Do you have a secret superfood ingredient you add to your pancakes? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook and Instagram.

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