How to Take Care of Yourself in Your Early 20s

How to Take Care of Yourself in Your Early 20s

Your early 20s are a confusing time that nobody warns you about it. From stressing about finals to finding a job, new relationships (or lack thereof) to establishing networks.  Roommates, soulmates and serious adults – it’s a frenzied period we plow through and look back on longingly. Here’s how the 20-year-olds in our office manage their stress, navigate their lives with grace and most importantly, do to take care of themselves – with mom and dad truly out of the picture.

Find a mentor. It’s great to have someone you can turn to that you trust for advice, insight and frankly to help open doors when it feels like they are all locked.

Sweat every day. Take a hot yoga class, go for a long walk. Find something you can do every single day to break a sweat. It clears your head and gets endorphins pumping that will provide a healthy, happy post-workout feeling.

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Declutter your space. Marie Kondo is a genius.  She is spot on when she suggests that you can’t have mental clarity surrounded by mess. You’ll be amazed at the benefits of purging and living clutter free.

Treat yourself. Take time out of your day or week to pamper yourself. Find a good face mask, nail polish, or body scrub, light a candle and relax!

Unplug! We are obsessed with technology—phones, laptops, iPads. Dare yourself to unplug from technology for at least one hour a day (and preferably before bed). Pick up a book, try a new recipe or get outside; unplugging from technology is what you need to take care of your mental health.


Get rid of toxic friends. You know who we’re talking about.  It’s time to let them go and align yourself with the people that bring you joy, not bring you down.

Enjoy solitude. After college it’s easy to feel lame when you don’t have plans on a Friday or Saturday night. Learn to appreciate the time to yourself. Write, read or simply be alone.

Wild and free, with a little bit of worry.  What do you do to take care of yourself?

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