Office Snack Attack

Office Snack Attack

We’re proponents of the “love what you do” workplace philosophy, but realistically, there are some days you love a little less than others.  Usually, these are the days when I realize I’ve been sitting on my cupcake banging away at the computer for hours without getting up for anything—no lunch, no water, not even a snack. This is also the point when I remember the crazy story about so-and-so who got a blood clot because they sat for too long. Next, that tip about getting up and moving every 20 minutes starts running through my head (what happened to my timer!).

My mind then settles on one of my favorite quotes from MFK Fisher, a well-known American food writer, “first we eat, then we do everything else.”  So break time—let’s talk about work snacks.

I asked the team to weigh in on favorite snacks and here’s our delicious round up.

Figgy Pops remind us of the raw energy balls we see all over Pinterest and healthy food blogs—usually homemade. We were skeptical of this store bought version at first, but now we’re big fans.  We stash a few in a baggie when we’re on-the-go all day, and they can also tide you over when you’re craving something a little sweet.

Apples with almond butter are a mainstay at our office.  Plus, an apple a day keeps the doctor and hangry co-workers away.

Typical rice cakes are too thick for my taste, so when I found Lundberg Thin Stackers, I fell in love. They’re crunchy, salty, filling and smeared with above-mentioned almond butter, these have become a snack staple.

After seeing several nutritionists eating Rx Bars on Instagram, we tried them and are hooked. They’re protein-packed with real, simple ingredients that are filling. Each bar has 3 egg whites! Plus, the yummy flavors like Chocolate Sea Salt are seriously addicting.

A handful of almonds is such a common suggestion for a quick snack, but I love pistachios instead! They have a unique flavor, and I love shelling them.  It’s a ritual that makes me mindful of what I’m eating, which can be easy to forget when you’re swamped at work.

Last Christmas, a co-worker who’d moved away sent us famous BBQ flavored popcorn from Colorado. Weird, I know, but so delicious! I’d never eaten so much popcorn in one setting. It rekindled my love for BBQ flavored foods and since I’m mostly pescaterian, I was excited to see these World Peas with a Texas BBQ flavor.  Hello pea protein!  I’m smitten.

What are your go-to snacks?

  1. Two words: Moon Chese.

    This magical snack is crunchy, tasty, and totally unexpected. I take it with me on all of my long-haul flights (and, let’s be honest, basically everywhere in between).

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