Take a Girl’s Trip! Here’s Why.

Take a Girl's Trip! Here's Why.

My life is this continuous cycle of parent, exercise, work, adventure with my family, chores, eat something healthy, cook, walk the dog, read the news, connect with my husband.  Repeat.

I love my life. It’s balanced. But every six months (sometimes less), I suddenly feel completely uninspired by this routine.  Burned out.

Does that ever happen to you? What do you do?

I get on a plane with one or all of my best girls!

I think it’s ironic we say “girls’ trip” and “family vacation.”  It’s quite the opposite, isn’t it? Trips with my family are fun, but they’re not a break.  Time with my girls on the other hand—now that’s vacation.

Most recently I went to San Francisco for two nights to visit an old friend.

I nearly canceled the trip three times because it felt impossible to break out of my routine. I dreaded leaving the night before. I was convinced the house, the kids, my husband would all fall apart, and I would come home to a disaster.

I miraculously made it out the door and was immediately overcome with relief. I had been really struggling. Suddenly, I felt so alive again.

We spent one night in San Fran.  We went to two boutiques.  I bought a tank top.  We had dinner and talked about our work. Then we drove to Sonoma the next day, chatted all the way mostly about our families. We worked out, got a facial, sat by the pool and had a 10-course dinner with wine pairing.  I was back home the next day completely renewed.  It felt like magic.

Here’s 5 reasons I think girls trips are so important:

  1. We all experience self-doubt on occasion. Reconnecting with my girls reminds me how supported I am.
  2. There’s nothing like talking it out with your girlfriends, whether its career ambitions, parenting challenges, exercise goals or anything else you might be struggling with. We listen. We always know what to say.
  3. Time with girlfriends frees your spirit and takes you back in time to when it was just you and the girls. Before pets, boyfriends, husbands, kids, houses. Ditching responsibilities for a day always makes me feel instantly younger, too!
  4. Change of scenery. Sometimes this is the only change I need—something fast and temporary—to come back to life motivated and happy.
  5. Girl fun. All the fun we only have with our girlfriends. Pedicures, chick flicks, makeup, cool new restaurants that serve small plates and healthy cocktails, shopping, girl talk.

My family and I are going to Mexico over the holidays.  I’m booking my next girls’ trip for January.  I’ll need a vacation!


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