Feel Good Shopping

Feel Good Shopping

The #grabyourwallet movement forever changed how I shop.

While I am so happy and proud that Nordstrom, my personal favorite retailer, is now off the list of companies to boycott, the two months without them motivated me to spend my money more wisely by supporting brands that are making a difference with their profits.

There are many amazing companies doing good, giving back to environmental and social justice causes, for example, who we need to be supporting more than ever today as the health of our planet, kids and their public education, and human rights suffer.

Consumer spending is powerful, so let’s make ours count! Here’s a short list of companies who are committed to making a difference.

Nordstrom and Target: I’m doing all my department store shopping at Nordstrom and Target, however, I am paying closer attention to the brands I choose.  For example, Nordstrom donates 2.5% of net sales of its new TreasureANDBond brand to organizations that empower youth. And Target’s vocal support of human rights and gender equality makes it my top choice for all home goods.

Reformation & H&M: I buy seasonal trend pieces and special event dresses at the eco-responsible and fashion-forward Reformation in addition to hitting my favorite local fashion boutiques too. H&M is also working to include only recycled or other sustainably sourced materials in their production, which is why I’ve begun to shop for my kids’ clothes there.

Brooks Running Shoes: From serious running to vintage kicks for walking around town, Brooks has the best sneakers and they don’t support white supremacy either (ahem, New Balance, shame on you).  Based in Seattle where I live, I appreciate the community work Brooks does and their Run Be’cause program provides regular product donations to people who need them the most to promote happy running and healthier living.

Patagonia and REI: Patagonia donated all its black Friday sales—a whopping $10 Million—to grassroots environmental initiatives and REI started the revolutionary #optoutside movement and also supports many environmental causes. These companies are working hard to not only create long lasting quality products, but to protect our beloved Mother Earth.  I can’t buy enough new yoga, running, winter weather or other seasonal active gear these days.

Starbucks: Beyond fashion, Starbucks deserves a spot on this list too. Since working there as a barista in college, this company has never let me down. The coffee is always good, there’s that. But after they pledged they would hire 10,000 refugees, after doing the same for our U.S. veterans, I pledged my continued lifelong allegiance.

It does take extra due diligence, but supporting brands who in return support love, the environment, their workers and communities, is the ultimate instant gratification.  It’s time to Rise Up our retail therapy!


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