My Go-To Travel Snacks

travel snacks

Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go!  But don’t forget the snacks. Travel snacks have always been an important part of my packing list.  As someone who largely eats vegetarian, I’ve always brought my own food. Now, more than ever before, the natural food products industry has made bringing a healthy snack easier than ever.

For short flights, I always grab a piece of fruit – a banana, apple, cup of blueberries – and something salty so I won’t eat whatever they are handing out. My new favorite salty snacks are Somersaults sunflower seed bites and The Good Bean chickpeas. I also grab a few things my kids will enjoy, like goji berries. My daughter Sienna also loves these banana bites – granted they don’t look that tasty but totally are. Plus, let’s face it, a fresh banana always ends up brown and smashed after being in your bag.

For long flights, I’ll add PB & J’s or AB & J’s, something sweet like coconut chips or gummies, especially as a reward for the kids, and even for myself after extra tenuous airport experiences.  I also bring carrots and celery sticks.  The biggest criteria is nothing messy.  And, an empty water bottle that you can fill after security is the best way to stay hydrated.

What do you bring to snack on? Hope you’re headed somewhere sandy and sunny soon.

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