Our Three Favorite Toast Recipes

toast recipes

Remember when toast was a simple thing to eat for breakfast? Maybe your mom gave you a slice of plain, dry toast when you were home with the stomach flu (yuck), or maybe you had it with butter or a scrambled egg or two every morning before school. Well, things have changed. Search for #ToastTuesday on Instagram and you probably won’t think of that crispy slice of bread as boring any longer.

We’re all about the recent toast craze, but no matter how innovative the recipes get (yes, like the brilliantly decorated unicorn toast) we always find ourselves coming back to our tried-and-true favorites.

  1. Looking for something a little sweet and savory? This should do the trick.
  • 1 slice of sourdough bread
  • Kite hill cream cheese
  • Freshly sliced strawberries
  • Honey

  1. Big fan of guacamole? We are too. Instead of reaching for the chips and dip at 3 o’clock, try this.
  • 1 slice of sourdough bread
  • Mashed avocado
  • A squeeze of fresh lime juice
  • Diced purple onion
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Sea salt

  1. Peanut butter addict? We are, we are! This will satisfy that nut butter craving and add a little extra boost of nutrition. Substitute almond or cashew butter if you prefer.
  • 1 slice of sourdough bread
  • Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter
  • Ripe banana
  • Chia seeds

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