How to Run Happy

run happy

For many, running for wellness feels like torture. It doesn’t have to! Proper running form, the right shoes and stylish gear are a good start, but to fully enjoy your runs, here are my top tips:

  1. No RBF – I used to have Running Bitch Face. Now, I take myself and running less seriously. Softening my brow, cracking an occasional smile and focusing on the joy running makes me feel – lighter on my feet despite the physical challenge.
  2. Cheer on others – I love the comradery of running. Every once in a while a runner will pass me and say “good job” at a time when I really need it. Even a smile of encouragement goes a long way. Simple kindness is contagious, so keep your head up and say hello to the runners you pass.
  3. Go the distance – It takes me three miles to get in the zone—to feel accomplished and for the endorphins to kick in—it’s clockwork. If I stop there though, it’s too soon. To feel the benefits of my run all day, I need to run at least four miles. That’s my happy distance. Find yours and don’t stop short.
  4. Slow down – If I’m struggling on a run, simply allowing myself to slow down makes me happy. Plus it allows me to regain my form too. If you’re outside and moving, that’s all that matters.
  5. Run with a friend – Running is so much more fun with a friend. Find a friend around your fitness level and get into a regular routine of meeting up. Socializing is good for the soul, and running together can help you reach new running goals too, like increasing your distance.
  6. Meditate – I used to always listen to music, but today my runs are my sacred phone-free time, which is something we all need more of. So, skip the tunes on occasion and run in peace, with nature. The clarity and energy a break from the distraction of technology brings is amazing.

I’ve run competitive, serious, fast and far, but not until I started running happy did I truly love to run. And when you don’t have time for a run, try this.

How do you run happy? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook and Instagram.

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