Forget Pumpkin Spice!

We are all about the Surge of Healthy Snacks at Starbucks this Season

The hustle of fall is in full swing here and for us that means when the fridge isn’t stocked with our favorite salad greens and dressings, we head downstairs to Starbucks for a quick bite.

While we always love the coffee drinks, we have been historically disappointed with Starbucks’ lack of healthy food options—until now!

It’s such a treat to see some of our favorite snack brands now on the shelves, and have two new, hearty vegan salad options too. I ate the cauliflower tabbouleh for lunch today and didn’t feel the least bit #saddestlunch!

So, next time you’re in line take our advice and look away from the pastry case and browse the well-stocked snack aisles instead! Here’s the good-for-you brands you’ll find that we love:

Rhythm Superfoods: Beet your sweet tooth with nutrient-packed Beet Chips or the salted Roasted Kale, if you’re craving is savory.

Hippeas: Even my kids love these organic chickpea puffs and as a plant-based believer, I love that they are getting a pop of plant-power protein with their snack.Barnana: These dried banana and peanut butter bites are seriously delicious and satisfying.

Emmy’s organics: Finally, a decadent cookie to satiate my vegan sweet tooth! And I don’t feel a bit of guilt eating two, or four, or feeding them to my kids.

Now that Starbucks has our healthy lunch and snacks covered, as our team’s resident vegan I would still love to see a vegan breakfast sandwich and vegan pastry in the case. Until then, we will eat our share of snacks to support the transition toward wellness that Starbucks is making!

What are your healthy favorite options at Starbucks? Share them with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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