3 Bath Soaks to Try

3 Bath Soaks to Try

Every year, we promise to make time to treat ourselves, relax and find moments to unplug and let our minds rest or wander.  In our ever-connected state, I’ve found that making a weekly date with the bathtub is one of the best ways to achieve this. It’s just me, hot water and my favorite bath salt or suds.  For anyone over 30, you’ll remember the “Calgon take me away” ads. They first introduced us to the idea of embracing a hot bath after a particularly stressful day.  For 2017, I’m bringing the idea back.  And, since we’re serious about only choosing natural products, I’m sharing a few of our favorite bath products that use essential oils and natural ingredients.

AuraCacia’s foam baths are perfect if you want a little moisturizing and bubbles.  They’re not as bubbly as a traditional bubble bath, but they create enough bubbles so you can feel like a kid again. They have a variety of scents, but the citrus one is my favorite.  It’s recharging in a relaxing kind of way.

I also couldn’t resist trying the Bathtub Tea.  As a tea fanatic, I was enamored with the idea of taking a bath with this giant tea bag diffusing the beautiful scent of lavender and bergamot.

The Relax theme continues with Hydra Aromatherapy’s Shower Burst – perfect for people who prefer just a pure water bath with a little scent.  I love putting this in the soap dish and sprinkling water on it for a spa-scented experience.  You can also use this in the shower if a bath is not your thing!

As our lives get busy, it’s harder to make time for self-care but we’ll never stop trying.  Do you have a bath-time favorite?


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