3 Takeaways from Fancy Food

By Jennifer Ritchie

Every year in January, one of the most well-known food events in the US occurs.  Fancy Food, the largest specialty food and beverage show on the West Coast, reveals what’s new in the world of food, food producers and trends.

For a second year in a row, we explored what’s to come in the world of food and beverage – a favorite topic of ours, as you know.

Because it’s Friday and we don’t really want you to spend your valuable weekend time staring at a computer, we’re sharing three top takeaways and our thinking about them:

Convenience foods continue to evolve, incorporating trends like cauliflower rice quick meals. Frontera Foods, who also samples the most delicious guacamole at the show, also has expanded to make eating delicious, fast and simple with frozen meals and meal enhancers.  The good news is it gives consumers the opportunity to eat healthy meals more often and at home. The bad news, with convenience comes more waste.  Food for thought, literally.

The battle between wellness and sugar was stronger this year, with what appeared to be a rise in sweet treats that boasted better ingredients and bold messages like “unapologetically different, delicious” ice cream.  Sugar and Spun makes eating cotton candy like peanut butter & jelly cotton candy less shameful with simple ingredients you can pronounce – yahoo! And on the flip side, tea brands like The Republic of Tea’s turmeric single sips make on-the-go anti-inflammatory consumption a snap. We also loved the new Numi tea line that includes well-being flavors like Bamboo with spearmint plus practices on the back of the tea, for example a “Presence Practice”.  

Plants are the future.  We’re advocates of plant-based diets and were excited to see more growth in this sector. The evolving space of nut milk to include peanuts as well as blended nut milks and creamers, such as nut pods, bringing together almonds and coconuts.

Stay tuned for more on this topic. We’re off to Expo West next month and will share our finds!

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