5 Ways to Honor Earth Day

This year, more than ever before, it feels important to honor Earth Day in a meaningful way.  At the core of our value system, taking care of Mother Earth is a top priority. This time of year, when the days are longer and lighter, we find creating new habits and routines easier.  As we look forward to Earth Day next week, we’re sharing our ideas for making a positive change to help our environment – no matter how much time you have to give.  Plus, a few of these ideas are the perfect excuse to hang with friends or spend time with family.

If you have…

1 minute: Pick up trash you see on the ground.  This is one of the most common sources of trash in our waters. No joke, in Hawaii I saw someone use their kitchen tongs and a garbage bag. I keep a few napkins in my pocket to pick up things I see on the ground and throw them away throughout the day.

5 minutes: Call your representatives. This site breaks down “the how” easily.  Most importantly, pick your topic! It could be waste in waterways, a local ban on straws, salmon protection.  You decide your hot button issue. Once you have success, you’ll be able to confidently tackle all of them.

30 minutes: Look around your house and life and commit to making at least one change. Swap a toxic product for a natural product, consider ways to recycle or compost more of your trash, consider one way you can use less plastic (straws!).

An hour: Ride your bike or take public transit to work if you normally drive. Lighten your carbon footprint for the day. If you’re inspired, make it a collective effort, asking friends and co-workers to join you.

A day: Organize a group of friends or ask your employer to spend a day of service cleaning up a beach or planting trees. Find everything you need to plan and execute it here.

What other ideas do you have? Share them with us on Facebook and we’ll incorporate them into this post.

The Dalai Lama opined that “western women will save the world” and so we will.

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