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The rise of online shopping and online-only brands continues to shape the way consumers purchase their favorite products. The sector left largely untouched was natural foods, where a trip to Whole Foods or PCC in our region was necessary to get your staples.  Now, even this weekly ritual has been changed thanks to the arrival of Thrive Market.

For those of you who haven’t discovered it yet, Thrive Market is an online market that offers organic, natural products at 25% – 50% lower prices than typical retailers. They do this by cutting out the middle man and offering wholesale prices to consumers. To use the site, you pay an annual fee of $60, much like Costco.  When you join, you also sponsor a free membership for a low income family.

Think you might not be able to find enough items to make it worth your money?!  We did too, but turns out to not be true. Here are a several of our favorite picks.

Primal Kitchen Mayo. Made from avocado oil and simply delicious.

Nut Butter Packets. Justin’s Almond Butter and Artisana Cashew Butter are favorites. You know the scene in Sex and the City where Samantha makes fun of Charlotte for having pudding in her Prada? Well, there are currently three almond butter packets in Sarah’s black Chanel bag.

Fourth and Heart White Truffle Ghee. If there’s truffle on the menu, chances are we’re ordering it. If there’s a way to use this White Truffle Ghee in a recipe, it’s been done.

Safe Catch Tuna. For a quick, healthy pantry-made meal and Safe Catch has the lowest mercury content of any brand.

Eating Evolved 100% Midnight Coconut Primal Chocolate for a sugar-free treat. Add almond butter, sprinkle with sea salt and cinnamon.

Nut Pods Creamer. Non-dairy, super creamy and made with simple ingredients. Our fridge is stocked with it.

Garden of Life Raw Protein Powder. We’ve tried almost every plant based protein powder imaginable.  This is a favorite.

MyChelle Argan Oil and Sun Shield Liquid Tint are team favorites along with a number of other MyChelle products.  The Sun Shield Liquid Tint gives you SPF 50 coverage and can be used in place of foundation for a simple, everyday look.

Simple Mills Pancake Mix. Sunday mornings with a cup of French press, a stack of pancakes and fluffy scrambled eggs.

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