Can Yoga Change Me?

I can’t touch my toes. Seriously, it’s been a few weeks.  I’m not sure why or how it happened, but I know one thing: my hamstrings are so tight, I imagine my posture is being sucked into them.  I also know my high energy / high stress lifestyle is the reason my shoulders are permanently holding my earlobes up. In every workout class I take, I hear the words “relax your shoulders” and I know he or she is speaking directly to me.  I consciously relax my shoulders, letting them slide down my back and away from my ears. I hope my ears don’t fall off.

As a believer in constant self-improvement, I’ve meditated and done yoga to address both of these situations.  But by done, I mean, here and there.  One day and then not for a month.  I’m curious though.  Could I make it more of a routine? What would happen? Could I touch my toes again? Would I find a state of mellowness that becomes a natural part of my being? For these, and many more questions, I’m committing to doing yoga regularly for at least a week, and then a week at a time beyond that.  And at least 4x throughout the week, even if it’s a short 20-minute, pre-bed session.

Through this journey, I’ll share what I find, along with my favorite videos and this amazing Yellow Willow yoga mat that I’m testing for the first time at Sol Yoga tomorrow morning.  I was inspired to try Yellow Willow because of its sustainable construction made from a combination of natural eco-tree rubber and micro-fiber suede from recycled plastic bottles.  You know how I feel about plastic.  I’m also hoping for good grip, a pet peeve of mine in previous yoga classes.

Any guesses on what I’ll find?  Any yogis out there with recommendations for best videos or classes?

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