Revealing our team

Revealing Who We Are

We saw a need for a lifestyle site that speaks to women like us who enjoy living a mainstream life, but worry about the impact on the planet and our future generations.  We created The Reveal to connect with like-minded people, companies and brands and create a path for living fully, and lightly.  Say hello to The Reveal and the women behind it.



Jennifer Karkar Ritchie


An entrepreneur and eco-mama at heart, Jennifer’s desire to connect people and her passion led her to create The Reveal. She draws on her 20 years of experience in PR to tell great stories, fuel curiosity and cultivate a community where everyone thrives and respects our planet. Previously a contributing writer for Daily Candy, she has also written numerous articles for local lifestyle and community-based blogs and newspapers. She and her family live in Seattle’s first Passive House.  She’s a champion of enjoying life and doing what’s right, a lover of healthy living, exploring, eating, working out, and mindfully finding the fun in the every day.

Shauna Nuckles


With a background in journalism paired with a career in PR, Shauna has a love for finding and telling untold stories. She’s been published and interviewed for publications ranging from small community newspapers and weeklies to The Seattle Times and NPR to industry trades and has been a ghost writer for many more. When she’s not chugging coffee to get through her ambitious to-do list, you’ll find her checking out a new fitness studio, soaking up sunshine or planning her next adventure.

Contributors & Staff

Angie Malpass


A trained journalist, writing is Angie’s talent and passion. After 15 years working in PR, she has developed a unique ability to accurately predict when a new idea, concept or product is going to work. After writing mostly for clients, she is excited to share her own insights and opinions about lifestyle products and trends as a very conscious and critical consumer. In her late 30s, Angie has successfully climbed the corporate ladder and today balances work with raising two kids and two dogs. She’s been married for 10 years, maintains lifelong friendships, follows a “mostly” plant-based lifestyle, enjoys running, eating out, a clean house, traveling and spending as much time with family and in nature as she can.

Sarah Meyer


With a passion for all things health, wellness and style, Sarah loves sharing her latest finds and greatest discoveries through writing. She has a knack for creating healthy alternatives to all her most beloved comfort foods, and spends more time photographing her food than eating it. Originally from New Orleans, Sarah is a southern girl at heart. There is nothing she enjoys more than good food, great friends, and football. In her spare time, you can find her checking out local restaurants, taking boutique fitness classes, and testing new dessert recipes at home.

Zaina Abuelkhair


A true Seattle-girl at heart, Zaina was born and raised in the Emerald City. Her wanderlust and adventurous spirit inspired her to attend college in the Middle East at the American University of Beirut. She has a passion for learning about new cultures and places, exploring the similarities and differences between them, and connecting with people from all over the world. When she is not immersed in travel magazines, you can find Zaina working out, spending time with family and friends or strolling outside enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature.


Where Mindful Meets Mainstream. The Reveal is your inside guide to living a fun-filled and sustainably-minded life. We make it easy to do the things you love (eat, shop, travel, play) while treading lightly on the planet. Get ready to get connected to a community of thinkers, doers and life-lovers just like you!